We don’t want you to creep out by recalling the time your wisdom tooth removal adelaide came about. A dentist and his job is much more than that. The regular visits to dental care save you from many life-threatening diseases such as periodontitis, a gum line disease, or oral cancer or heart strokes, diabetes even Alzheimer’s. And again, that’s not it. Let’s dive into what else a dentist can do for us! 

Gives you a Hollywood smile!

To enhance the aesthetic quality of your mouth and teeth, a dentist performs cosmetic procedures that transform your face structure and gives you an attractive smile. The cosmetic services include the whitening and bleaching of teeth, dental veneers, and crowns that give your smile a complete makeover, the onlays and outlays, the teeth alignment, braces, and much more. Cosmetic dentistry has taken over in the last few years and also improves the functionality of the teeth by removing plaque and tartar and evading cavities with regular checkups.

Prevent Risk Factors

Taking preventive care is the only way to save your teeth from extraction, fillings, or other painful and expensive dental procedures. A visit to a dentist every 6 months can help you keep good oral hygiene as the dentist would thoroughly examine your gum line and its attachment to the teeth. He will look for cavities or symptoms of oral cancer which can be so common for a layman to comprehend.

Restorative and Emergency services

The unbearable continuous pains, the swelling of the gum line, the cavities, the deformed jawbone, anything can require the immediate services of a dentist. The dentistry procedures include root canal which is the surgical process of the extraction of infected pulp and tartar from the tooth. The gum line treatment is a non-surgical procedure that is used for the treatment of inflammatory gums that can affect the jaw bone. The procedure of dental crowning, veneers, and bridges restore the integrity of a broken or cracked tooth. The fillings to fill the void to evade cavities with the help of white composite etc. 

Oral Radiologist & Oral medicine 

An oral radiologist specializes in all types of x-ray images and information that can be used in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of dental disorders and maxillofacial regions. The procedure of oral medicine tends to provide relief to the medically complex dental issues through the combination of oral health care and specific medicines. Dental issues that can be cured under this specialty are oral cancer, candidiasis, aphthous stomatitis, and lichen planus. 

Much more than Teeth & Gums!

A dentist’s job is much beyond just teeth and gums. His area of care involves the muscles of the forehead and the brain, the tongue, salivary glands, neck and jaw, and the nervous system. 

The one that seems like a simple routine check-up to us is in actuality a detailed look for swelling, ulceration, lumps, or any other abnormality. In short, a dentist can identify early warning signs that may indicate infections or disorders in any other part of the body.